What Are Wild Grass Straws? How Do Straws Make Wild Grass?

What are wild grass straws

How do straws make wild grass?

As we know, plastic is a great invention of people, since its inception, it’s very useful and ubiquitous in life. Plastic made the cost cheaper and easy to product. We can see the plastic anywhere; from the office: laptop, pen, chair, table,….from your house: kitchen tools, household,…or in the high-tech plastic.

However, it is time to review its harmful effects. Most plastics are not biodegradable and cannot be broken down naturally by bacteria or other living things, and as a result, most of it ends up in wildlife habitats where it poses a threat to plants and animals.

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As one of the most common types of single-use plastic, or plastic products that are generally used only one time and then thrown away, straws are one of the culprits of unnecessary plastic pollution.

Which solutions reduce single use plastic straws?

There are many solutions to replace the single use plastic straws, but there is a solution from Vietnam, a beautiful country of Southeast Asia. Two years ago, in Vietnam some startup company researched and provided the wild grass straws, this is the very environment friendly straws. It was made from the wild grass that had the science name “Lepironia articulata”. Lepironia is a genus of the sedge family, comprising only one species, Lepironia articulata, known as the grey sedge. It was found a lot in Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

Long times ago, the farmer used the lepironia articulata to made the crafts: hat, bags,..and now this wild grass was made the straws. It helps the farmer have more income from the grass, and they will take care of the wild grass carefully.

What are the wild grass straws? The answer is straws were made from the wild grass “Lepironia articulata”. How do straws make wild grass?

To make the straws, the production will select the Lepironia articulata more than one-year-old and similar diameter size. Then the grass goes through the process under high quality control to provide the grass straws to the market, please see the process details: 

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Step 1: Clean raw material: wash alum, remove all raw material and blow-dry the ingredients

After harvest Lepironia articulata, selection based on the standard quality,  Lepironia articulata  are soaked into the ash water to disinfect and alum removal, then washing by the clear water

Step 2: Classify materials and cut almond grass into 20 cm

After washing, Lepironia articulata are cut with the standard size and classified into two types according to the company’s standard or based on the length of the customer’s requirement.

wild grass straws

wild grass straws

Step 3: Clear the intestine horizontal inside the straws

The semi-finished straws are cleaned inner velvet surfaces, this step takes patience, care, and many more times.

Step 4: Rinse and disinfect with ozone

After cleaning the inner velvet surface, the straw is washed by the clean water. Then soaked into the clamshell flour water with the PH 12

Step 5: Dry drying and ultraviolet irradiation

The straws will be put into the drying machine to ensure the lowest humidity. Finally, the straw is left overnight in a normal environment to keep the natural color

Step 6: Check product quality

The straws are checked at the QA step to remove defective products during the production process

Step 7: Packing, date and save samples.

Wild Grass Straws

500,000 grass straws shipments exported to Germany

The grass straws are packaged according to the company’s standard with the date of manufacture and ready distribution to the customers

With the closed semi-manual production process as above and with the quality and control carefully, we ensure the highest quality before the straws go to the market.

From the wild grass, by the skillfulness of the worker and through the production process under the quality control, the wild grass will be the useful product called “grass straws”. Thanks to the wild grass, workers are skillful who bring us this wonderful product that helps protect our environment and contribute a small to replace the single use plastic straws. 

We hope with this information will explain and answer the question:

What are wild grass straws?

How do grass straws make wild grass?

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