What Are The Biodegradable Drinking Straws? Biodegradable Straws

Biodegradable Straws

Plastic waste is a global problem, each year in the world there are 300 million tons’ plastic waste from different originals. This is a huge quantity if we know that plastic takes more than 500 years to biodegrade in the environment naturally, how terrible will the amount of plastic waste accumulate in the future? I really don’t want to think about it.

There are many activities calling for the limit of plastic waste around the world, but the efficiency is not high because plastic products are extremely convenient and cheap. Besides calling for limited use of plastic, finding alternative and supplementary products is also a long-term solution.

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Biodegradable Drinking Straws

Biodegradable products (or environmental protection products) is a trend, many organizations have been working to find alternative products for plastic products. This articles give you information about one of the eco-friendly products that replace disposable plastic products, it called “grass straws” and help you understand: 

What are the biodegradable straws?

Actually all straws are biodegradable, but the big question is, “How long does it decompose?” Based on the material, it has the difference decompose time: paper 2–5 months, tin 50–100 years, glass: 1 million years, plastic 500 years to forever

We care about is decomposition time. In Vietnam, there are several companies that research and supply straws made from the wild grass, which has the decomposition time within 3 months. It is the real biodegradable and will be called “biodegradable drinking straws”, or “biodegradable straws from wild grass”. Biodegradable drinking straws are a great way to protect the environment. Millions of drinking straws are used each day around the world. Replacing them with biodegradable straws can reduce the amount of plastic in the environment dramatically.

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biodegradable straws

The real biodegradable straw needs to be made from the material which can decompose within the suitable time such as under 1 years. Now we can find some biodegradable straws such as: grass straws, rice straws, bamboo straws, …

Are biodegradable straws good?

It is easy to answer “yes”, but we must find the real environmental protection straws. The environmental protection straws need to meet all the factors:

  • Have the sort decomposition time within 1 year, as above almost all the material can biodegrade, we need to find the biodegradable straws that have the sort decomposition time as: grass straws, rice straws, …
  • Natural material: the straws need to be made from the natural material, one more thing the natural material has verified origin because the woods from deforest is not illegal. The material can be plant is the short time and do not affect the environment during planting is the most important
  • Non chemical added: during the production process, the straws no added any chemical to ensure the product from the nature
  • Non clastic added: during the production process, the straws no added any chemical to ensure the product have no clastic

What straws are best for the environment?

There are many kinds of biodegradable straws, but what straws are the best for the environment? To answer this question, we must quickly view some straws: bamboo straws, rice straws, paper straws, grass straws, …

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grass straw

Almost the straws are biodegradable straws but as the article (dẫn link bài trước), we conclude the grass straws is the best for environment:

  • 100% natural from the grass 
  • 100% biodegradable after three months of used
  • Do not add plastic or chemical
  • Do not make the teeth and gums to be hurt
  • Do not change the taste of the drink
  • Do not destroy the forest
  • One-time using

Who should use the biodegradable straws?

The best answer for this question is all the people who use the straws for drinking. If all the people use the biodegradable straws or recommend hospitality service providers use the biodegradable straws, we will reduce the plastic all over the world and contribute to a greener planet. This is a big dream but we can together make the dream to be true.

If you read this article, let change to use the biodegradable straws and call on everyone around you to have action like you.

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Where to purchase Biodegradable Drinking Straws?

Go through the article, you know about the biodegradable straws, the real biodegradable straws, answer the question “Are biodegradable straws good?”, “Who should use the biodegradable straws?”, …but where you buy the biodegradable drinking straws?

You can search on the internet, but there are many information you must verify careful before you contact the manufacturer provider, some tips for you:

  • The company must have the website
  • The company must have the address clearly
  • The company must have the factory 
  • The company must have the good brand name
  • The company must have the export experiences
  • The company must have the quality certification
  • The company commit the delivery time
  • The company have a team can support the importer 

If you need more information about organic straws, please contact with Eco Life for detail:

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