The 14 Best Non Plastic Straws In 2022

Non Plastic Straws

Why do we use non plastic straws?

Plastic is a great invention of people, since its inception, it’s very useful and ubiquitous in life. Plastic made the cost cheaper and easy to product. We can see the plastic anywhere; from office: laptop, pen, chair, table,…from your house: kitchen tools, household,…or in the high-tech plastic and especially you can see the plastic straws every day and every where.

What is the problem with plastic straws?

But, all the plastic straws simply break into ever-smaller particles, releasing the chemicals into the air, soil and water that are harmful to people, animals, plants and the environment.

The 14 Best Non Plastic Straws In 2021 -1

The 14 Best Non Plastic Straws In 2021

According to statistics, there are more than one million seabirds and more than 100,000 marine mammals are killed annually from plastic in our oceans. Forty-four percent of all seabird species, twenty – two percent of whales and dolphins, all sea turtle species, and a growing list of fish species have been documented with plastic in or around their bodies. That does not include the risks from micro plastics to human health

Plastic straws as one of the most common types of single-use plastic, plastic straws are one of the culprits of unnecessary plastic pollution.

What is an alternative to plastic straws?

Now, most people know the harmful effects of the single used plastic straws and start finding replacement products such as non plastic straws. Besides using environmentally friendly straws to replace plastic straws. In unnecessary cases, you should not use a straw, which is also a way to help protect our environment.

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What is an alternative to plastic straws?

With the open internet information. Nowadays, we can easily find information about the non plastic straws and can buy them. There are many kinds of eco-friendly straws that can replace the plastic straws from single used or reused such as: bamboo, metal, glass, rice, grass, paper, …. Each type has the difference advantages and disadvantages.

What are non-plastic straws made of?

There are many kinds of non plastic straws, they are temporary into 2 types: reused and single used

Reused straws

Reused straws, that the straws can be used many times, after used the straws will be cleaned for the next time, for reused we have some kinds such as:

1. Clear Glass Bent Straw (glass straws)

Glass straws are straws made from glass, there are many sizes and they can be produced with a large quantity. But It is only suitable for the family or private use and we need to care when used with the hot water or break when drinking.

2. Bamboo straws

Bamboo straws are the straws that were made from the bamboo, It can be reused but hard to clear and preserve. To plant bamboo for straws is also a big problem because the bamboo needs more time to grow.

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Bamboo straws

3. Silicone straws

Silicone straws were made from silicon. It is an option for replacing the plastic straws. It can be reused and safe, but it has the big problem that you can’t recycle silicone after use.

4. Metal straw

Metal like the glass straws, It can be reused but It is more expensive and has the problem with the hot water drinking or making the gums hurt when used.

5. Carbon fiber straws

Carbon fiber straws were made from the carbon. It is nice and can be reused but has an expensive cost. So, it is easy to carry because it has the low weigh

The reused straws are good for environment protection but they are suitable for the family and need time to clear and stock them. For the FnB chain, the reused straws are not good because the customer cares about the cleaning process.

Single used straws

Single used straws are the straws only used one time, It is suitable for both: FnB chain and family used. We go quickly the single used straws in the market:

1. Paper straws

Paper straws are easy to find on the market because it is the first product to replace the plastic straws. The paper straws are cheap and have many sizes. But it has the short using time and sometime in the production process, it need the chemical or adding plastic for stronger

2. Rice straws (Edible straws)

Rice straws is the new product; it looks good but It has the problem of using the same short using time as the paper straws, beside that it dissolved in water and changed the taste of the drinking.

3. Cane straws

Cane straws were made from the cane. It is also a good replacement for plastic straws. But the customers need to care about the bagasse treatment process and it also needs the adhesive chemicals in the production process.

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Sugarcane Straw

4. Wheat straws

Wheat straws are a good product, it was made from 100% natural wheat and 100% natural decomposition, but the wheat straws have a small size.

5. Papaya leaf stems straws

Papaya leaf stems straws are the straws made 100% natural from the papaya leaf stems with the big size. This product is non-trading in the market, Eco Life are researching and hope to provide the product to customers soon.

6. Seaweed straws

The seaweed straws were made from 100% seaweed. It is very safe for the sea but It is hard to find them to buy.

7. Ice straws 

You will be hard pressed to imagine straws from ice but it is true, it needs a mold to make and is short using time. If possible, you should try it, maybe it feels strange, but I have the question “how does it use hot water?”

8. Pasta straws

Pasta straws is the same with the rice straws, It has the difference is the pasta straws is made from wheat flour

9. Grass straws

Grass straws are the straws made from the “Lepironia articulata”, It has many in Southeast Asia, especially in Vietnam. Now, there are many companies that provide the grass straws in the market.

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Grass Straws brand Mr.Giao

What are the best non plastic straws?

It bases on your requirement and your purpose you can buy single used straws or reused straws. But, changing habits is very important for the environment. By small actions, together we protect the environment.

Totally, with us the grass straws is the best non plastic straws: 

  • 100% natural from the grass 
  • 100% biodegradable after three months of used
  • Do not add plastic or chemical
  • Do not make the teeth and gums to be hurt
  • Do not change the taste of the drink
  • Do not destroy the forest
  • One-time using

If you need more information about organic straws, please contact with Eco Life for detail:

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