Coffee Straws
Milk Tea Straws

Bag 500 pcs

Origin: Viet Nam
Color: Green, Beige
Size: 21x15x8
Trademark: Ecolife
Coffee Straws
Milk Tea Straws

Our Milk Tea straws are made from the body of papaya leaf, their inner diameter is much larger than regular single use straws (10-12mm), It is suitable for drinking milk tea and smoothies. This product is used mainly in milk tea shops, smoothies, ...

Dried Milk Tea Straws

- Product specifications:

- Length of straw: 20 cm

- Size: inner diameter 10 – 12 mm

- Straw interior: the inner velvet surface is clean

- Material: body of papaya leaf

Hand crafters with non-preservative

Dried grass straws can be store at room temperature up to 12 months

Milk tea straws

This is a product that is prepared by the Eco Life team throughout 2020 when working with customers that find a natural product with larger diameter but the price is not too high such as bamboo straws, Inox straws, ...

Why we use the Milk tea straws?

If you think you're only using a few plastic straws, it's not importand, you're wrong.

Eco Life Launching 4 Special Straws -5

Milk tea straws

You need to know, plastic straw ranks 6th and is on the top rubbish that have the most serious impact on the marine environment. If a person average uses a plastic straw every 3 days, then in the lifetime one of us we use thousands of plastic straws, a terrible number if you calculate on a worldwide

The most important, the micro plastic particles in the straws will silently destroy our health without we know it. It is very dangerous. Nowayday, people are becoming more and more knowledgeable and concerned about food safety. Everything have to clear the origin, must be good quality. Let's with us, together make the world to be green.