The type 2 straws - 50pcs
50 ống
The type 2 straws - 100pcs
100 pcs

Type 2

100 pcs
Origin: Viet Nam
Color: Green, Beige
Size: 21 x 10 x 4
Trademark: Ecolife

70.000 Đ

The type 2 straws - 50pcs
50 ống
The type 2 straws - 100pcs
100 pcs

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The type 2 straws are selected from the middle of the grass, have the same diameter, the green color, strong stem for good quality straws.

Dried straws grass

Length of straw: 18-20 cm
Size: inner diameter 3.8 - 4.5 mm
Thickness: 0.2- 0.5 mm
Straw interior: the inner velvet surface is clean.
Material: naturally lepironia articulata grow grass (1-2 years old).
Hand crafters with non-preservative
Dried grass straws can be store at room temperature up to 12 months

The type 2 straws 100pcs -1

Straws grass were made from lepironia articulata, grown naturally in the Mekong Delta. After harvested, they were cut into 20cm, were producted by closed processing, then packaged and stored in dry conditions.

Why we use the straws grass?

If you think you're only using a few plastic straws, it's not importand, you're wrong.

The type 2 straws 100pcs -2

You need to know, plastic straw ranks 6th and is on the top rubbish that have the most serious impact on the marine environment. If a person average uses a plastic straw every 3 days, then in the lifetime one of us we use thousands of plastic straws, a terrible number if you calculate on a worldwide

The most important, the micro plastic particles in the straws will silently destroy our health without we know it. It is very dangerous. Nowayday, people are becoming more and more knowledgeable and concerned about food safety. Everything have to clear the origin, must be good quality. Let's with us, together make the world to be green.