Reusable Straws: Small Action For Green Planet

Reusable straws

As we know, plastic is a great invention of people, since its inception, it’s very useful and ubiquitous in life. Plastic made the cost cheaper and easy to product. We can see the plastic anywhere; from the office: laptop, pen, chair, table,…from your house: kitchen tools, household, high-tech plastic, or medical plastic,… and especially you can see the plastic straws every day and everywhere.

Today, we can say that plastic materials or plastic products have become a familiar product and an indispensable part of life.
But, almost the plastic straws simply break into ever-smaller particles, releasing the chemicals into the air, soil and water that are harmful to people, animals, plants and the environment. Plastic straws as one of the most common types of single-use plastic, plastic straws are one of the culprits of unnecessary plastic pollution.

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Most people know that using plastic straws is not good for the environment, but we are still indifferent to use it because it is very convenient. However, each of us need a small action “stop using plastic straws” and replacing with alternative products such as: reusable straws or biodegradable straws will reduce the total amount of plastic straws released into the environment and contributing the environment for the greener planet

What are reusable straws? The straws can be used many times, after use the straws will be cleaned for the next time. There are many kinds of reusable straws, in below are some kind you can easy to find:

Glass straws

Glass straws are made from sand, silicon dioxide, sodium oxide, calcium oxide. These materials are machined at high temperatures to create a finished glass product. The glass straw is a very beautiful and luxury, you can see the drink move inside the straw when using, it also brings a fun experience when enjoying drinking.

However, glass straws have some disadvantages as: can damage teeth and gums, can cause burns when used with hot water.

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glass straws

Bamboo straws

Bamboo straws are straws made from bamboo. Bamboo straws are one of the first products on the market to replace plastic straws because bamboo has the structure like straws and is easy to make. It can be reused but hard to clear and preserve. Planting bamboo for straws is also a big problem because the bamboo needs more time to grow.

You can find more information about glass straw at: Bamboo Straws

Metal straws

Stainless steel straws (metal/Inox straws) is also a popular product replacing the plastic straws. Metal like the glass straws, It can be reused but It is more expensive and has the problem with the hot water drinking or making the gums hurt when used.

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inox straws

Silicone straws

Silicone straws were made from silicon. It is an option for replacing the plastic straws. It can be reused and safe, but it has the big problem that you can’t recycle silicone after use.

Carbon fiber straws

Carbon fiber straws were made from the carbon. It is nice and can be reused but has an expensive cost. So, it is easy to carry because it has the low weigh

You should pay attention and follow the manufacturer’s guideline for preservation and cleaning after use, the straws reuse many times, even a lifetime. Besides that, owning and carrying a reusable straw not only affirms a modern lifestyle (protect the environment) but also spreads the action for others to follow.

The reused straws are good for environment protection but they are suitable for the family and need time to clear and stock them. For the FnB chain, the coffee shop, … the reused straws are not good because the customer cares about the cleaning process. Especially during the Covid which was raging all over the world.

reusable straws

How to choose suitable reusable straws?

Depending on your preferences, you can choose for yourself suitable reusable straws or more kinds. There are many people who like the stainless steel straw because it is sturdy, some people like the glass straw for its beauty and luxury or someone likes the bamboo straw because of its natural origin. But for children a silicon straw is the best

Before you buy, you should find the straws from reputable manufacturers to ensure quality, avoiding bad quality products that can harm your health.

Besides that, when using reusable straws should be noted:

  • Be careful when using with hot water (especially: Inox straws and glass straws)
  • Do not bite the straws
  • Children should not use (excepted: Silicone straws)
  • Do not use when walking or running
  • Cleaning and storing carefully

Totally, the reusable straws are good for replacing the plastic straws but it is not the best because it has some disadvantages such as: can make your teeth or your gums hurt, hard to use with hot drink, … hard to clean and store, expensive,…

To find the best straws replace the single use plastic straws, you can search more environment protect straws as: rice straws, wheat straws, especially is grass straws because it was make from the “Lepironia articulata”, 100% natural and have the short plant to harvest. Using a grass straws are not only contributing to environmental protection but also help improving the living standards of farmers.

The grass straws have many reason to use:

  • 100% natural from the grass
  • 100% biodegradable after three months of used
  • Do not add plastic or chemical
  • Do not make the teeth and gums to be hurt
  • Do not change the taste of the drink
  • Do not destroy the forest
  • One-time using

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