Reusable Bamboo Straws – Sustainable straws (2022 Review Update)

Bamboo straws

Bamboo is a very familiar tree in Vietnam, almost the Vietnams’ people know this tree. Walking or playing under the bamboo’s umbrage of the village is almost the childhood of many people. Those are the beautiful memories of those who once grew up in the bamboo bushes in their childhood.

Bamboo also goes into the poem, proverbs with many poems we had learned during when we were still young. The bamboo is also a part of the Vietnamese history as is Thanh Giong history …

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straws made of bamboo

For a long time, bamboo was very valuable for human life with many products from bamboo: chairs, tables, houses, chopsticks, handicrafts… export to foreign countries bringing foreign currency to the country.

Besides many valuable products from bamboo. Recently, bamboo is also being used to make a new eco-friendly product “bamboo straws”.

How is the production process of bamboo straws?

There are many different bamboo straws manufacturing factories on the market. Each facility has its own processing characteristics. However, the production process of bamboo straws popular on the market goes through the following stages:

Step 1: Harvest bamboo to make straws

At this first step, we need to select suitable bamboo trees, sizes, age, not too young or too old. Especially, do not harvest the whole cluster so that the tree will still grow for the next harvest

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Harvest bamboo to make straws

Step 2: Selecting and sun-dried

After harvesting, the bamboo is selected again. Remove the branches, tops and leave them in the sun to turn their natural yellow color

Step 3: Cutting

After drying under the sun, bamboo is put into the cutting stage to shape straws. Most straws are cut to a length of 20 cm, the diameter depends on the natural size of the bamboo

Step 4: Sanding

The worker will use rough paper to scrub the bamboo bark. At this stage, you should rub lightly to remove the dust from the outer shell. Do not scrub too hard will lose the natural hardness and waterproofness of the bamboo.

Step 5: Grinding the tip of the straws

Use a grinder to sharpen the ends of the straw. This will make the straw not sharp, bringing safety and sophistication to the product. In addition, in some facilities, the straw body is also polished. The polishing material is safe for health, so consumers can feel secure about the product.

Step 6: Boiled with water

Put the polished and polished tubes in a pot of boiling water to remove any residue and sap. At the same time also destroy bacteria, mold, larvae in the bamboo stem. Then the straw is picked out and drained.

Step 7: Clean the inside

Clean the intestines of the bamboo straws with specialized tools. Usually, we clean this intestine with a scrubbing or high pressure pump. With these tools, the tube intestine will ensure to completely remove dirt, bamboo miles in the tube.

Step 8: Drying

Dry the bamboo straws at the right temperature. Depending on the environmental and weather conditions, manufacturing facilities can adjust the temperature accordingly.

Step 9: Laser engraving

Based on the customer’s requirement, the bamboo straws can be laser engraved or not

Step 10: Packaging

At the end step, the bamboo straws are selected again with the same size (for coffee or milk tea) and packaged

As the grass straws, most of the production of bamboo straws is also made by hand. The manufacturing process of bamboo straws is not simple, but not too complicated. They require the craftsman to have meticulousness and patience. To perfect a quality product, we need to fully comply with the above steps.

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Packaging straws

Are bamboo straws safe?

Almost all bamboo straws are safe because in order to be selected and used by the customer, the producer needs to have the wood origin (FSC) and even the FDA certificate. However, you also need to choose a reputable company, brand and which has all the necessary certifications because there are also many paper straws that sell cheap with low quality and are not safe.

Besides that, the customers also care that the bamboo straws can make the teeth and gums hurt. Therefore, you must choose extremely reputable firms with standard manufacturing processes, which are finely manufactured to ensure the perfect handling of the straws tip.

Are bamboo straws better than plastic straws?

Yes, the bamboo straws are better than plastic straws; because they biodegrade naturally after three years used, the bamboo straws don’t have a long time in an environment as a plastic straw. However, remember to wash and preserve them carefully after each use, especially do not bite it because it can break your teeth.

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bamboo straws vs Grass straws

How to use bamboo straws?

Because the bamboo straws have similar features with the other, so we use them for drinking water. The bamboo straws can be reused for 5-6 month. You should be clear and storage careful after use. You need to prepare yourself a set of specialized straw washing tools to use to wash your straw, and you must dry carefully after each use so that the straw does not get moldy. You should also not play around while using a bamboo straw, it can poke your throat and cause major damage that can affect your life.

Price of bamboo straws

The price of bamboo straws is so much more expensive, about 2,000 VNĐ or more based on the quantity or laser engraving; but when you compare with the other environment protecting straws, because the bamboo straws can reuse, the price per use is too cheap and it is suitable for family use.

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Totally, the bamboo straws are good for replacing the plastic straws but it is not the best because it has some disadvantages such as: can make your teeth or your gums hurt, original woods, … To find the best straws replace the single use plastic straws, you can find more environment protect straws as: rice straws, wheat straws, especially is grass straws because it was make from the “Lepironia articulata”, 100% natural and have the short plant to harvest. Using a grass straws are not only contributing to environmental protection but also help improving the living standards of farmers

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