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Inox Straws

Inox Straws  – In your life you can encounter a lot of stainless steel materials. Most of the items necessary for your life are made from stainless steel, knives, scissors…. or almost medical devices were made from Inox. Have you ever questioned what stainless steel is??

Stainless steel also known as steel (Inox) stainless is an iron alloy form containing at least 10.5% chromium. It is less discolored or corroded like ordinary steel (Inox).

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inox straws

History Inox Straws

Stainless steel (Inox) is associated with the name of a British steel expert, Mr. Harry Brearley. In 1913, he invented a special steel with high resistance to abrasion, by reducing the carbon content and adding chromium to the steel composition (0.24% C and 12.8% Cr).
Then the steel company Krupp in Germany continued to improve this steel (Inox) by adding the element of nickel to the steel to increase its resistance to acid corrosion and soften it for easy machining.

After the war, in the 20s of the 20th century, a British expert in steel (stainless steel), Mr. W. H Hatfield, continued to research and develop the ideas of stainless steel (Inox). By combining different ratios of nickel and chromium in the steel (Inox) composition. He came up with a new 18/8 stainless (Inox) stainless steel with the ratio of 8% Ni and 18. % Cr, today It is called Inox 304 and very familiar.

Over nearly a millennium of birth and growth, today stainless steel (Inox) has been widely used in all civil and industrial fields with more than 100 different grades of steel (Inox).

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History Stainless Steel Straws

Stainless steel (Inox) is very resistant to oxidation and corrosion, but it is important to choose the right type and their specifications to suit each specific case.

In recent times, the movement to limit disposable plastic waste is interested in people, Inox has a new feature that is making straws. Inox straws are eco-friendly products that are reused many times.

How to make Inox straws?

Inox straws are industrially produced with modern machines, it several go through the following steps:

Step 1: Material selection

As we know on above, there are many kinds of Inox, so choosing the right quality materials is very important, Inox 304 will often be used to made the straws

Step 2: Slitting

After selection, the Inox material goes through the Slitting line (SL) used to divide Inox rolls into different sizes according to customer requirements.

Inox semi-finished products with the size depending on customers’ requirements will go through a closed process to create finished products.

Step 3: Sizing & cutting

Inox semi-finished products are passed through a mold system to shape the straw, weld and cut to the length required by the customer.
After cutting we have the Inox straws, but to bring the market, Inox straws products need to go through several stages

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Stainless Steel Straws

Step 4: Polishing

The Inox straws is polished, has a clean surface treatment to ensure no rust and the nozzle is treated so that it is no too sharp that can cause injury when in use

Step 5: Embossing

Depending on the aesthetics of the customer, the Inox straw can go through the embossing process to create more eye-catching patterns or images.

Step 6: Bending

Stainless steel straws can be straight or bending, for those orders that need a bending straw, the product needs to go through a bending process for easy use.

Step 7: Logo laser

Next step, the Inox straws Laser were engraved laser based on the customer’s requirement

Steps 8: Antiseptic

The Inox straws will be antiseptic for safe before packaging

Step 9: Packaging

The finished product will be packaged and ready for distribution to customer
There is all the process needed to produce Inox traws. However, based on the order some time the process does not go through full all step as above

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Packaging straws

Are Inox straws safe?

Using Inox straws is safe not only for human health but also for the environment. When using a stainless steel straw, you can reuse it many times, even a lifetime if cleaned and stored properly.

Stainless steel straw is very safe for health. If plastic straws not only pollute the environment, but the plastic from them can harm human health in the long run (cancer, chronic diseases …), users are quite assured of the stainless steel straws.

Because Inox straws were made of Inox 304 materials … stainless steel straws do not have chemical impurities or heavy metals harmful to human health, nor create any chemical reactions when in contact with liquids that we drink every day.

Some people are afraid of special drinks such as lemonade, oranges, carbonated soft drinks (acidic, CO2 …) or alcohol (alcohol), milk (fermentable, i.e. producing chemical reactions). However, the stainless steel straw is safe for all of the above drinks.

Stainless steel straws are odorless, and do not change the nature or taste of drinks. In particular, they also create a sense of enjoyment for users to enjoy cold drinks. This point is also an outstanding advantage of stainless steel straws compared to many other biological straws.

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With the above benefits, It does not mean that the stainless steel straw is the perfect product. Because it is made of metal, it is very hard, can damage teeth and gums, and can also cause burns when used with hot water. A few notes when using stainless steel straws:

  • Be careful when using with hot water
  • Do not bite the Inox straw
  • Children should not use
  • Do not use when walking or running

How to use Inox straws?

Store stainless steel straws in dry and cool conditions. Before using for the first time, use boiling water to sterilize. Thereafter, this step should be repeated from time to time during use.

Need to drain before storing in a box or tray.
When using Inox straws for beverages such as smoothies, fruit juices, or when drinking milk … it is necessary to clean thoroughly, rinse thoroughly to ensure that there is no plaque left from fruit carcasses or milks in a straw. There is a palm (usually included) dedicated to the Inox straw so that users can easily clean and maintain.

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Price of Inox straws

The current price of Inox straws ranges from 15,000 to 20,000 VND, if there is laser engraving the cost may increase. That is a pretty high price, but you can reuse it many times, even a lifetime, if cleaned and stored properly. Therefore, in terms of cost, the stainless steel straw is a highly economical solution.

Totally, the Inox straws are good for replacing the plastic straws but it is not the best because it has some disadvantages such as: can make your teeth or your gums hurt, hard to use with hot drink, … Stainless steel straws are more suitable for personal use than for Food and Beverage chains; because with Covid epidemic raging all over the world, consumers will also fear that the straws being used is real sterilization or not.

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To find the best straws replace the single use plastic straws, you can find more environment protect straws as: rice straws, wheat straws, especially is grass straws because it was make from the “Lepironia articulata”, 100% natural and have the short plant to harvest. Using grass straws not only contributes to environmental protection but also helps improve the living standards of farmers.
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