Organic Straws – Where To Buy Grass Straws?

Organic Straws

2020 is a difficult year for the world and Vietnam, starting with Covid global pandemic, now almost all the countries are finding the vaccine, hoping the world will have the vaccine in next year. Besides that, in the middle of Vietnam there are many storms and floods month to month causing a lot of damage to people and property. The weather is increasingly unpredictable; the natural disasters are increasingly serious due to the effects of climate change.

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To contribute to environmental protection and anti-climate change, lately many countries in the world have many actions, for example: limited single plastic products. According to United Nations, each year in the world have 300 million tons’ plastic waste from differences originals: 

Plastic waste from daily activities: As waste generated from daily activities of people such as plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic boxes, … Especially with an increasingly busy life like today, the demand for fast food products and disposable utensils has increased exponentially, as well as the amount of plastic waste.

Plastic waste from industrial activities: Plastic waste also occurs from factories, factories, industrial zones … in both the production, construction process and the living process of employees, employees…

Plastic waste from tourism and service areas: The shopping, entertainment, restaurants, hotels … are also the source of a lot of plastic waste. In the F&B hospitality industry, they used many single clastic products such as: plastic straws, plastic glass, plastic spoon, …

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Medical plastic waste: Due to the specificity of the medical industry that uses disposable utensils to minimize the risk of infection, and strict safety regulations, the amount of plastic waste from healthcare is very large. Types of medical waste include: plastic bags, packaging of medical supplies and equipment, medicine packaging tools, chemicals or needles, gloves, bottles, bottles, drugs …

Waste from imported goods: sometimes we also import the plastics wastes or the plastic as a attached products when importing goods  

Plastic waste comes from a variety of sources, the threat of plastic waste is currently a burning problem globally, because they have negative impacts on our health and our environment.

Plastic waste has a long decomposition time, and in the process of decomposition that lasts 100 years or even 1000 years, they will be decomposed into microscopic pieces of plastic.

These micro plastics (micro plastic) go into water, soil, air, food … and when people are exposed to, ingesting these micro plastics, they will directly affect health. This is also the cause of many dangerous diseases such as hormone imbalance, respiratory disease, neurological disease …

The restriction or replacement of single plastic products takes a lot of time, but not in the short term, it is necessary to have more natural, environmentally friendly products for consumers.

Nowadays, some startup companies research and provide small environmentally friendly products such as organic straws from the grass “Lepironia articulata”. The grass straws (organic straws) from Vietnam is the best product to replay the single plastic straws. 

The organic straws (wild grass straws) were made from the natural grass; this grass has many in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Developing the straws from the grass It not only has environmentally friendly products, but also helps the farmer have more income from the wild grass. From the wild, the grass was planted and taken care careful by the farmer.

Organic products are the trend, so It is a big change for companies that catch up this trend and develop the suitable environment product for the big market. Organic straws from the grass, it is a good product, but It is so new and will have many questions and consideration beside many other environments like grass straws. To help the customer understand about the organic straws, we will go through with the other: bamboo straws, iron straws, rice straws, paper straws….

1. The Paper straws

The straws from paper is the first trend to replay the single plastic straws. Paper straws were quickly introduced as soon as there was information on the limitation of disposable plastics straws. The straws from paper are easy to produce and can provide the large quantity with many kinds of size, the price so cheap and accepted by the market. But It has some problems as the using time is so short, changing the drink taste for some people who ask about the original material of wood. Some paper straws have the plastic player to help the straws stronger. 

2. The rice straws

The rice straws are the new product too, it has the similar as the paper straw that easily makes the huge quantity with the cheap production cost, and It has many sizes and many colors. But the rice straws have the big problem about the using time and it change the taste of the drink because it dissolves in the water after 30 minutes used or faster base on the temperature of the water

3. Inox straws

The Inox straws can be reused many times and can produce large quantities with many sizes. However, the inox straws can make the teeth and gums hurt; the customer may be burned when using the inox straws with the hot drink. And the big problem is clear the straws after use; with the Covid 19, the customer will care about the reuse straws. The inox straws have the best expensive when comparison the other environment straws

4. Bamboo straws

Similarly the inox straws, the bamboo straws can reuse and It has the problem as the inox straws and harder to clean than the inox straws. The origin of bamboo is also a problem when working the foreign market. Beside that the time to plant the bamboo so long. The bamboo straws also change the color when reused and hard to clean and store, susceptible with mold if not dry careful after used.

5. The grass straws

Overcoming all the limitations of the other friendly straws above. The grass straws have a long use time, do not make the teeth and gums to be hurt, do not change the taste of drink and do not reuse. The grass straws are made from natural grass, so It is very friendly except the size based on the grass.

The grass is so easy to plant because It need about 12 months for harvest. Now, the grass straws have the issue about the size, but we believe will have solution in the near future when new seed research is starting

Totally, the grass straws real the environment friendly product:

  • 100% natural from the grass
  • 100% biodegradable after three months of used
  • Do not add plastic or chemical
  • Do not make the teeth and gums to be hurt
  • Do not change the taste of the drink
  • Do not destroy the forest
  • One-time using

If you need more information about organic straws, please contact with Eco Life for detail:

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