Introduction Of Straws From Natural Grass


Science name: Lepironia articulata

Detail: Lepironia articulata, genus in their Lepironia Sedge (Cyperaceae). Hard lower body, about 2–8 mm in size, living in water, vertical body about 1.5 m high, with horizontal ribs, base of 3 to 4 sheaths, surrounded by 15–20 cm high. Gie’s flower in the body (ie tops) of about 1.5-2.0 cm high and 1 cm wide.

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Manufacturing process:

• Stage 1: Harvest the grass from the field, then sort at the source to select the qualified stalks (the stem is hard, straight, the diameter of the tube is from 5 – 8mm, no fungus, no alum burning, ..) for production.

• Stage 2: transportation of raw materials to the factory, do the preparation of materials: clean grass with saline / ozone / water disinfection, removal of the sheath at the base adhesive grass eagle => to clean and sterilize

• Stage 3: clean materials put into the system to conduct cutter standard cut straws. At this stage, the suction pipe cutting must be very careful to limit the pipe cracking -> this, directly affects production output..

• Stage 4: material after being cut, workers conducted through the gut inside and cleaned to perfection a hollow tube intestine(This stage requires high meticulousness)> finishing of fresh produce

• Stage 5: Fresh products are transported to the sterile washing system in water -> to remove impurities, microorganisms, harmful components..

• Stage 6: finished drying at temperatures from 50 to 80oC large-capacity indoor drying -> Heat finished goods in order to increase the shelf life of natural, limited surface disinfection of microorganisms, yeast hook

• Stage 7: Inspect, classify and to eliminate the defects of poor quality, which conducted the counting, packaging products according to production standards

• Stage 8: Enter the warehouse and store in a cool, sterile atmosphere of the warehouse.

Product detail

The straws are selected from the root and the middle of the grass, have the same diameter, pale yellow (or green), smooth, beautiful appearance, strong stems for good quality straws.

Product specifications:

– Length of straw: 19 – 20 cm

– Size: inner diameter 4.0 – 7.0 mm

– Straw interior: the inner velvet surface is clean

Product characteristic:

– The using time maybe all day when starting using the straws with the drinks, does not change the taste of the drink

– The straws will be fresh when contact with the drinks, giving an interesting feeling.

Dried grass straws can be store at temperature room up to 09 – 12 months

HS code 46029090, 46021990

Some photos:

• Grass is 1 month old

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• Harvest the farmer’s grass

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• Grass is graded manually for the manufacture of straws

Grass is graded manually for the manufacture of straws

• Grass straws

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