Grass Straws Come From Vietnam


  1. What is grass straw?
  2. Vietnamese grass straw
  3. The production process of grass straw
  4. Do grass straw safe?
  5. Vietnam grass straw company
  6. Export document
  7. Grass straw export processing
  8. Price of Grass straw

Nowadays, almost the country in the world is considering to replace plastic straws by friendly straws because the environment is getting worse. In particular, the grass straws Vietnam emerged as the best solution because the straws made from a grass (Lepironia articulate) can be used for a long time without melting or losing the taste of drinking water whether hot or cold drinking.

1. What is the grass straw?

It is easy to answer this question “Grass straws is the straw is made by the grass”. But any grass can make the straw? The answer to this question is “no”, the grass straw is made by the grass called “Lepironia articulate”

Lepironia articulate is an almost endemic Vietnamese grass, with a perfectly round structure, nature, and easily plant. The grass through the creative and dedicated hand that has been used as an environmentally-friendly straw. 


The grass was selected from the 1-year-old or more, beautiful, round, … and through the skillful hands of the workers, through the closed production process, … were tested to meet the standards. The grass is even more proud to become the grass straws with the branch “Mr. Giao” to help to limit the disposable plastic waste that people are worried about.

Finally, the grass straws are the straws is made by the “Lepironia articulate” – That is an environmentally friendly product.

2. Vietnam grass straw

Many countries in the world can make the grass straws, but the straws from Viet Nam are the most famous and many markets in the world want to buy the straws from Viet Nam and are trusted by many customers in the world.

Grass straws come directly from Vietnam and are 100% biodegradable. It is made with the stems of the “Lepironia articulate”, very common in the Mekong Delta region. This type of grass is perfect for straws because it has a very long hollow stem. Grass straws represent an ecological and very valid alternative to the classic disposable plastic straws that are difficult to dispose of and harmful to the environment.

Exporting standard grass straws company Vietnam

Vietnamese grass straws are the new product, It only has in the market about 2 years ago. From the appearing on the market, the straws have attracted by the customer.  We believe shortly the Vietnamese straws will become the common straws for the consumer.

3. The production process of grass straws

When using the product, many people want to know how to make it? Overall, we would like to show you the production process of the Vietnamese grass straws.


The grass straws are processed by closed semi-manual production process follow the standard of seven-step:

Step 1: Clean raw material: wash alum, remove all raw material and blow-dry the ingredients

After harvest Lepironia articulate, selection base on the standard quality of Ecolife,  Lepironia articulate  are soaked into the ash water to disinfect and alum removal, then washing by the clear water

Step 2: Classify materials and cut almond grass into 20 cm

After washing, Lepironia articulate are cut with the standard size and classified into two types according to the company’s standard or base on the length of the customer’s requirement.

Step 3: Clear the intestine horizontal inside the straws

The semi-finished straws are cleaned inner velvet surface, this step takes patience, care, and many more times.

Step 4: Rinse and disinfect with ozone

After cleaning the inner velvet surface, the straw is washed by the clean water. Then soaked into the clamshell flour water with the PH 12

Grass Straws Come From Vietnam -11

Step 5: Dry drying and ultraviolet irradiation

The straws are dried under the sun for 3-5 hours, then put into the drying machine to ensure the lowest humidity. Finally, the straw is left overnight in a normal environment to keep the natural color

Step 6: Check product quality

The straws are checked at the QA step to remove defective products during the production process

Step 7: Packing, date and save samples.

The grass straws are packaged according to the company’s standard with the date of manufacture and ready distribution to the customers

With the closed semi-manual production process as above and with the quality and control carefully, we ensure the highest quality before the straws go to the market.

4. Do grass straws safe?

The most important thing when the customer making a decision using the grass straws is the safety of the straws. Almost the people concern about safety when they touch the straws; to answer this point, together we through the process and comparison with the other friendly product like grass straws:

As you see on item 3, the straws are made by the Semi-automatic closed production process and under the highest quality control; the product also has the test report from the Technical center of standards metrology and quality, the test report number 19083437 and 19083438. About the production, we conclude the grass straws safe for use.

Grass straws company Vietnam

When compared with the other like the grass from bamboo, iron, rice, paper,…we will go through the feature of each other. 

  • The Paper straws:

The straws from the paper are the first trend to replay the plastic straws. The straws from the paper are easy to the product with a large quantity but It has some problem as the using time so short or the original of the material of wood. Some paper straws have the plastic player to help the straws stronger. 

  • The rice straws

The rice straws have similar to the paper straw that easily makes a huge quantity with the cheap production cost, and It has many sizes and many colors. But the rice straws have a big problem about the using time and it changes the taste of the drink because it dissolves in the water

  • Inox straws

The Inox straws can reuse many times and can produce a large quantity with many sizes. However, the inox straws can make the teeth and gums to be hurt; the customer may be burned when using the inox straws with the hot drink. And the big problem is clear the straws after used; with the COVID 19, the customer will care about the reuse straws.

  • Bamboo straws

Similar to the inox straws, the bamboo straws can reuse and It has the problem as the inox straws and hard to clean than the inox straws.

  • The grass straws

Overcoming all the limitations of the other friendly straws above. The grass straws have the long using time, do not make the teeth and gums to be hurt, do not change the taste of the drink, and do not reuse. The straws are made from the natural grass, so It is very friendly except the size base on the grass.

Totally, the grass straws real the environment-friendly product: 

  • 100% natural
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Do not add plastic
  • Do not make the teeth and gums to be hurt
  • Do not change the taste of the drink
  • Do not destroy the forest
  • One-time using

5. Vietnam grass straw company

In Vietnam, there is a little company that has production capabilities and exporting a container 20 feet of grass straw. In addition to the number of “huge” grass straws (a container 20 feet has about 3.2 million straws). Besides that, the supplier must have all the certificates, tests report, … to adapt for the importer. 

Almost the process of the grass straws production made by hand and largely dependent on the productivity of workers. Therefore, to produce a large quantity, long-term, high standard, … Besides the factory, we also standardize the production process, training, coaching workers. Because of the centralized production organization according to the process, Ecolife adopts all the standards-setting by the importer. We also control products to ensure delivery on time.

Vietnam grass straw company

If you are looking for the Vietnam grass straws exporter, you should note the following point:

  • First: the supplier must be a company; the company has high responsibilities the person
  • Second: the company must have a factory, restrict buying through a commercial intermediary without production. The company has the factory that will provide the best price and can commit the quantity of the order.
  • Third: Grass straws must be declared product quality and have the tests report; the certificate is very important for export
  • Fourth: straws have the brand name and trusted by many organizations
  • Fifth: Standardizing the specifications for packing exports
  • Sixth: Make sure delivery on time

Ecolife, we are the company that adapts all the requirements to export the straws as above. With the vision of becoming a leading company in manufacturing and distributing straws not only for Vietnam but also to bring “Mr. Giao” grass straws around the world, the founders of Ecolife are constantly researching, learning, improving with the goal bringing the highest quality product to the consumers with the lowest price, the fastest delivery time for the export orders!

6. Grass straws export processing

To import the grass straws from Vietnam, you should be following the main step:

  • Contact the grass straws production via phone, email or web
  • Send them the requirement of: 
    • Quantity
    • Time to delivery
    • Certificate requirement of your country
  • Discussing the price, packaging, delivery method (FOB, CIF,…)
  • Sign the commercial contract

After that, following the contract for detail

Grass Straws Come From Vietnam

700,000 straws are exported to Germany

7. Export document

According to the customer and the importing country, so the basic document for export needs follow as:

  • HS Code: 46029090
  • List of goods
  • Commercial invoice
  • Certificate of Origin C/O
  • Export consignment contract (if authorized)
  • Phytosanitary certificate or sample inspection by consignment (if required by the importing country)
  • And some other procedures if required from the importer

Ecolife have fully the document and the certificate that customer requirement.

Exporting standard grass straws

8. Price of grass straw

One of the things the customer considers when using the grass straws is the price. Base on the company and the quantities of the order, the grass straws have a different price. Besides that, the price also bases on the channel distribution

In the Vietnamese market, the retail price for end customers about 1,000 VNĐ/1 dried straws and the export price (one container 20 feet about 500 VNĐ/1 dried straws). The fresh straws are cheaper than the dried straws, but they have the short using time (7 days store into the fridge)

Right now, the price of grass straws hard to compare with the plastic straw because it is natural and is produced by hand at many steps. But, if you chose a friendly product, the cost is not the main reason to select the supplier.

With the technology, hoping the automation machine system has done shortly to reduce the production costing of the grass straws. >With eight topics about the grass straws, we hope to give you overall about the Vietnamese grass straws, production process, ….If you need more detail, please do not hesitate to contact the Eco Life team!