Exporting standard grass straws company Vietnam

I am grass straws from Vietnam!

I (science name: Lepironia articulate) was born in harsh areas but with intense vigor, I still grow and grow in places where has few plants can live – acid soil. Until now, I still stood stubbornly, covered with the green and silver fields on those acid soil. Leaning on each other, with the fragile bodies we grow up although rain or storm. 

Exporting standard grass straws

Exporting standard grass straws

After growing more than 1-year-old, I have straight body and height enough, with the inherent toughness forged in my harsh living conditions, I usually are often dried, laminated to make handicraft products, such as: mats, hats, handbag, thatched roofs … contribute a small income for farmer in acid soil, I am proud of that!

But now, with a perfectly round structure, nature and easily plant. I am through the creative and dedicated hand that has been used as an environmentally friendly straw.

Exporting standard grass straws company Vietnam -2

I was selected from the 1-year-old or more, beautiful, round, … and through the skillful hands of the workers, through the closed production process, … were tested to meet the standards. I am even more proud to become the grass straws with the branch “Mr Giao” to help limiting the disposable plastic waste that people are worried about.

Using me, Mr Giao grass straws:

– Do not worries about destroying the environment to protect other places because I only need to plant more than 1 year to be able to make grass straws.

– Do not worried about the time to enjoy your drinking water because I only look better and better after being used in hot or cold water.

–  Do not worried about the taste of the water you are using, because I will not dissolve in hot or cold water.

– I will bring you a beautiful image, look friendly from those around you because you are protecting the environment by using me.

If you need more information, visit me at www.onggiao.com