[Experience] A Day Of The Farmer

A Day Of The Farmer

We are currently using the final product “grass straw” after through many proceed production process with the Q&A carefully. That is not only the result of the Ecolife company, but also the hardworking, times, sweated labour day by day of the farmers to have the best grass with the highest standard to product grass straw.

Today, we will be go to with the Bay’s family to the Lepironia articulate farm for understanding the working day of the farmer!

Starting the new day very earlier when the sunrise does not appear; personal sanitary and have breakfast with the old rice or the instant noodles. The farmer drink tea with the smoking when he is waiting his wife preparing the food for lunch. He check again his package tool: knife, sickle,…food for lunch, water, mobiphone, medical oil and the special “Đế liquor” for him and his friend.

When everything ready, he takes his wife on the old cup. They go together in the lovely way on the sunrise with the pure air, bird song, …The farmers have the beautiful day, high powerful for the working day.

It takes 30 minutes from the famer house to the Lepironia articulate farm, the meet the neighbor farmer, they have the morning hello and set the appointment for this lunch with the food of both families: foods, rice, wine or sometimes they have the food when working. That is the special generosity of the South people’s life

After the greeting and the appointment setting, they star the main job. The man will go to collect the Lepironia articulate, the women will select and package for the supplier. Base on the order and the quantity, once day the famer collect about 50 package (package is the unit of the farmer, it has the perimeter of their hand when package). Beside the main job, the farmer need to care the farm such as: weeding, fertilizing, or balance the water to make the good environment for the Lepironia articulate.

Only the Lepironia articulate has the high standard for the grass straw will been collected, the farmer used the sickle cutting the strong Lepironia articulate, after 15 minutes he will bring them to his wife to select the best Lepironia articulate. The work continues going on to the sun in the middle, they stop for lunch and take a rest for the afternoon working.

The simple lunch with stew fish, spinach ware prepared before. The Chin’s families has the sour soup, and special Mr Chin has two snakes when working. While the wife prepares the lunch, the men go to make the snake grill for lunch. Few minutes after, everything is ready, they have the nice lunch with the life story; on the faces a little bit muddy, they have the freedom, but has some anxiety.

After the lunch was finished, they sit around and drink tea. The men farmer uses more smoking for relaxing and preparing for the afternoon.

Today is the good day, they have 40 packages high standard, they check their tools and look around the Lepironia articulate and waiting the supplier coming. With the price is 35 thousand VND/Package, today the income of Bay’s families is 1,4 million. That is not high but enough for the daily and monthly fee. They only have the small dream the Lepironia articulate has good capacity, no pests and has the good price for they have the comfortable with their job.

Going back with them in the sunset, nice and peaceful, but we do not forget their worry because that is our anxious. Beside building and standard the production process, Ecolife will have the commitment buying the Lepironia articulate for the farmer as Bay’s families to help they focus their job and Ecolife has the high standard material area for the big order all over the world.