Are Paper Straws Better Than Plastic Straws? Recyclable Straws

Paper straws

Since the movement to limit plastic waste emerged globally, including the limit single used plastic straws, paper straws quickly became an alternative. The straws from paper are easy to produce and can provide the large quantity with many kinds of size, the price so cheap and accepted by the market. But It has some problems as the using time is so short, changing the drink taste for some people as about the original material of wood. Some paper straws have the plastic player to help the straws stronger. Now, we will overview about the paper straws:

History of the paper straws

We easily used the paper straws every day at the FnB shop (coffee, food, hotel,….). Have we ever wondered when it came about?


It is a fact that paper straws were born before plastic straws. More than 130 years ago, Marvin Stone – an American patented this type of straw. It was very simple, Mr. Stone rolled the piece of paper around the pencil, then glued it to become a straw! And after that it was welcomed and widely used, and it is considered an invention of the century.

How is the production process of paper straws?

The production of paper straws is currently not difficult, most are industrially produced in small factories or in large factories. In general, the production is done in 5 steps:

Step 1: Cut the paper

Based on the customer requirement (the size of the straws: 6mm, 8mm or 12mm), paper will be cut suitable with the product size.

Step 2: Print (color, logo, company name,…)

Because the straws are made from paper, so the customer can print a pattern, logo or business name on the paper straw to promote your brand.

With the two first steps, based on the processing you can cut first or printing first, It is the same and does not require what step is first.  

Step 3: Shape the straws

After two first steps, the paper goes to the next step “shape the straws”. The paper layers are passed through the glue and lead to the winding mold, the size of the winding mold is the inner diameter of the paper straw, through this stage the paper layers will be bonded together. Then the tube is formed and led to the cutter to cut out to the desired length.


Step 4: Drying

After forming, the straws were dried with a UV dryer. The dryer is used to make the paper straws stick better, dryer and sterilizer to ensure safe use.

Step 5: Packaging

When the paper straw is dried and cool, it will be transferred to the packaging stage, the specifications and quantity will be based on customers’ requirements.

What glue is used in paper straws?

You may be wondering how the paper can stick and form the straw. Typically constructed of 3 plies of paper, paper straws have a small amount of adhesive between each ply. Paper straw manufacturers are going to want to use a water-based adhesive.

This type of glue helps the paper straw maintain its shape for a few hours of use while also being biodegradable and food-safe. But not all manufacturers use water-based adhesive, you need to learn carefully before buying


Are paper straws safe?

Almost all paper straws are safe because in order to be selected and used by the customer, the producer needs to have the wood origin (FSC) and even the FDA certificate. However, you also need to choose a reputable firm, brand and which has all the necessary certifications because there are also many paper straws that sell cheap with low quality and are not safe.

Beside the safe, the customers also care about the soggy of the paper straws. As we know, the straws were made from the paper, so the will have limited using time since it comes into contact with drinking water, the paper straws have an average usage time of about 30 – 45 minutes. So, the straws are suitable for fast drinking, it is not suitable when you enjoy drinking and take your time with your friend.


Are paper straws better than plastic straws?

Of course, paper straws are better than plastic straws in some ways, because they biodegrade naturally and don’t have a long time in an environment as a plastic straw. But that is only a bit in terms of the environment; in the efficiency, the paper straw lags behind plastic straws because its useful time is too short before it is soggy in drinking water.

Besides that, the origin of paper for production is also a concern if consumers are not careful. In fact, paper straws can still have many negative environmental effects, especially if they are improperly disposed.

Price of paper straws

The paper straws price is still cheap but it is more expensive than the plastic straws. In the Vietnamese market, the straws have a price from 100 VNĐ to 400 VND based on the size of the straws. There are many straws manufacturers & suppliers nowadays and you can easily find, compare and choose.

Can I make paper straws at home?

Besides easy to buy, some people want to do paper straws themselves. If you have free time, you can make it with easy preparation: paper (craft is better), beeswax and glue made from rice flour or flour, pencil, scissors, ruler and the very important thing is chopsticks.


After preparing you can make it as Mr Marvin Stone: cutting the page as the size you want, then using glue, after that you will shape the straws by the chopsticks and cut the length you want. It is done, you have the paper straws, for the straws will be stronger you can make by more paper layer. It is so easy to make the straws and enjoy your achievement at home or you can give them as a gift, I believe the receiver will be happy with this gift.

Totally, the paper straws are good for replacing the plastic straws but it is not the best because it has some disadvantages such as: using time shortly, chemical adding, original woods, … To find the best straws replace the single use plastic straws, you can find more environment protect straws as: rice straws, bamboo straws, especially is grass straws because it was make from the “Lepironia articulata”, 100% natural and have the short plant to harvest. Using a grass straws are not only contributing to environmental protection but also help improving the living standards of farmers

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