Mr.Giao's grass straws is a natural product, produced under a closed semi-manual production process to bring an environment friendly product and protect the health of consumers. Mr.Giao grass straws is produced and distributed by ECO LIFE Trade Service and Production Joint Stock Company.

ECO LIFE was established with the goal of providing: Green - Clean - Environmentally friendly consumer solutions; for consumers' health to create a solution for a modern lifestyle.

grass straws factory

"Lepironia articulata" is an almost endemic Vietnamese grass, so It has also attracted many countries; especially countries that have and have planning to ban single use plastic products like: France, America, Canada, Korea .... and even Vietnam has plans to ban it.

Get such great attention in Vietnam and foreign; so many foreign partners have recently started looking for companies exporting grass straws in Vietnam to import for distribution in their countries. Today, Eco Life is honored to be the leading partner in Vietnam, the factory with modern production process, produces millions of grass straws per month with highest quality

Exporting standard grass straws company Vietnam

In Vietnam, there is a little company that has production capable of exporting a container 20 feet of grass straw. In addition to the number of "huge" grass straws (a container 20 feet has about 3.2 million straws). Besides that, the supplier must have all the certificates, tests report, ... to adapt for the importer.